Roasted Garlic (gra teaum jeaw)

Roasted Garlic is very crucial for Thai soups. Its aroma gives a complete feeling of a warm cozy day. Many of Thai dishes use roasted garlic for garnishing as well as texturing the foods. This homemade ingredient is very easy to make, yet can add such perfect complexities!  It can be kept for a couple months in refrigerator. 

prep. 5 min + cook 10 min 》total 15 min

1 cup peeled garlic (knife minced or pestle & mortar)
1/2 cup vegetable oil

1. Mince the garlic with knife (or use pestle & mortar until garlic is roughly blended).

2. At medium heat, add minced garlic into a pan.
3. Stir occasionally until garlic is turning yellow. Turn the heat off.

4. Continue stirring until the garlic stops cooking and turning to golden brown color.

5. Let it chill. Store roasted garlic with oil in a jar or a container with lid on.
Keep in refrigerator will last a couple months!


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