Ground roasted rice (khao kua)

Ground roasted rice gives significant taste to some of my dishes. Most foods that add ground roasted rice are from North-East (E-Saan) of Thailand. It brings exotic feeling when use as an ingredient. Very easy to make and last long up to 6 months!

prep. 2 min + cook 15 min 》total 17 – 30 min

Ingredient & Equipment
1 cup raw sticky rice
Sauce pan


1. At medium heat, add raw sticky rice into a pan – stir occasionally.

2. Once the rice starts to pick up heat, stir frequently until rice turns yellow.
3. Turn the heat off. Continue stirring until the rice stops cooking (it will turn to brown color).

Heat off – The rice still continue cooking!

4. Use the blender to grind the rice once it cools down.

5 Store ground roasted rice in a jar or container. Keep it dry in room temp.



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